Miami and South Florida are having a moment. We’ve seen an influx of founders, business leaders, and investors to the region. Endeavor connected with several of our city’s leaders on what this means for our ecosystem. Through this series you’ll hear from founders, investors, and ecosystem builders on what their hopes and dreams are for Miami Tech + Innovation in 2021.

Our first interview – Laura González-Estéfani, founder and CEO of TheVentureCity and trusted Endeavor mentor and friend.

Fast forward to December 2021. Where do you hope Miami is then?

I would love to see a Fund of Funds created for those emerging managers and existing funds that are investing in Miami. I would also love to see a grant program from the government for those entrepreneurs looking for their first ticket just like it is done in many other cities around the world. I would love to see at least 5 founders closing a Series A in Miami with over 5M USD. And I would love to have a long list of female founders that have just finished college and have decided to build a company from Miami.

TVC is based out of Miami but with operations around the world. What are some Miami-centric trends that you and the team have identified?

We built our HQs here 4 years ago because we envisioned the potential of Miami. There was already a lot going on when we came and we just loved to be part of the city’s future. For us the real-time access to people and community was key, and I feel that it stands out. Everyone wants to welcome you when you arrive. Also, the melting pot this city has, the human culture, is so unique. The design and creativity… and the sun.  The trends are design, usability, and experience, the good talent pool for that. Sound, ( Voice recognition ), Music and entertainment, good opportunities as well, blockchain for Fintech and for logistics, really good opportunities. Of course Fintech and Travel. 🚀

What are the biggest areas of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Miami?

I think that Proptech, Fintech, Travel Tech, health tech, Mobility, and sustainability.

What is your favorite part about Miami?

Both the humans and the animals (Iguanacorns) that live here. Nothing beats the human touch.

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